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Survey: Gunditjmara Health Service Survey

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Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative conduct a number of surveys in all our programs every year. We do this specifically to obtain your deadly feedback, ideas and comments about our services (we even want your deadly complaints). We want to know what you think of our services so we can make the changes you would like to see happening in your Community. We can't thank you enough when you give us feedback on how we can be better at what we do! We use your feedback to help us to make improvements in the way we provide assistance. When the improvements are in place, we send out another survey that is often very similar to the first survey. This is no mistake, but part of our Quality plan for Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative Limited.
Please rate each of the following statements from 1 to 5. 1 Not deadly (completely disagree), 2 Sort of Deadly (somewhat disagree), 3 Neither agree nor disagree, 4 Deadly (agree), 5 Too Deadly (strongly agree), N/A If you feel the question is not applicable to you, DK If you do not have enough information to provide an answer

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